The presence of each player creates a team when they are together so the presence of each individual player has the potential to make a big impact on the overall performance of the team. Teams can have players with mixed strategies, some have their own weaknesses and strengths and some can be all-rounder players as well but each of them is important to make the match successful. So before placing a bat with your online cricket betting id make sure that you have a clear understanding of the strategy and the techniques or skills a player is using on which you are going to place a bat.


Some players have different specialties in their form of playing so you can place a bat with your betting id online either on the player who hits many sixs on a huge number or you can place bets on that player who hits fours on a big number. Keep an eye on their abilities to play when the boundaries are clear or you can find the gaps based on their style of playing cricket. It can be done by having a look at their past performance in cricket matches. There can be two types of players first who hit the sex and force in a aggressive or competitive manner or a player who plays in a normal well-balanced manner.

Best Scorer

The bettors can make predictions with their online cricket betting in india about the performance of a player if there able to score a century or half-century during matches for better clarity go through the past performance of the specific player if they have ever scored such a century or a half-century in other recent matches. You can consider the player who has both of the important factors like they have consistency in making such high scores or have the ability to play while maintaining a balance in different conditions of a match.


You need to have better knowledge about how a player can be dismissed from the match. To know that you need to stand the method of the player’s dismissal. You need to consider the vulnerability of the Batman and the strength of a bowler and their playing techniques in different conditions while avoiding action that may cause them to get dismissed from the match. You can make the bet according to the style of a bowler or the player from the opposition team. Try to understand the style that a batsman uses to dismiss the batsman against their opponent.


The bettor needs to understand the specialty of a specific player. It can be a bowler, a batsman, an all-rounder player or a field man also. You can include the player who makes the best scores or you can do deep research about keeping an eye on the techniques of your opponent they use to make a player dismiss. Each factor can be helpful during your batting journey.