Fixed hours and spread battings are also strategies that we can use in cricket batting since it provide various factors and facilities to have a better understanding regarding cricket satta id so having an understanding about fixed or send batting is also social. Every strategy has its own techniques and ways that can be helpful for us to increase our potential of winning a bat. Rely on online ID cricket betting related, We can use the methods of 6 or since spread betting to understand the match before playing a bet. A little explanation has been given here to provide a little understanding of the fixed odds and spread batting.

Fixed odds

In general, the fixed odds method of batting is used to predict a certain result during a bat on a match of cricket. These predictions involve such factors that is predicting who is going to be the winner of a match. for predicting how many runs or total runs a team or player is going to achieve and there is one more prediction that can be regarding the performance of a specific player or leading player of a team. In the fixed odds the payouts are going to be so stable that if somehow a change happens in the batting or any type of situation happens still it cannot affect the outcomes and potential of winning an amount of the money but your stake needs to be successful for it. Use these methods with online cricket satta id. Even everything is so stable regarding winning a reward if you win a bat that is predicted by you then there is a 100% guarantee that you are going to earn a certain amount of money.

Spread Betting

In the method of spread batting, nothing is as fixed as it happens in the fixed odds. There is a chance that if you make a prediction about winning a game or it can be any type of prediction regarding the online cricket batting and somehow there is a chance of not getting any accurate result as you have decided you may lose some amount of money. This type of betting is predicted by a bookmaker most of the time. Even the payout may not be fixed. There can be a different type of payout since they are not fixed. This batting method is totally opposite of the fixed odds method because in the fixed everything is likely so fixed means there are many possibilities of winning or having a fixed payout but in the spread batting there can be variable changes and predictions regarding the outcomes and the payouts. If you have made a prediction, because of the common nature of spread batting there is a possibility that there can be many changes in the overall outcome of the cricket match.


After having a clear understanding of the betting methods, it is up to the decision of the better which strategy they are going to use because it depends on the scenarios of the matches different matches need to have different strategies. Choosing a strategy depends on your choice and the condition of a match of the cricket. Choose online id for cricket betting carefully.